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Successful Short Circuit Test of the First 200 KV HVDC Circuit Breaker in the World

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The test successfully verified the interruption function of HVDC circuit breaker in Zhoushan Flexible Straight Project, the logic correctness of DC circuit breaker and converter valve, and collected all kinds of necessary data and parameters under DC side short circuit fault, which accumulated experience for the follow-up DC side short circuit test of DC power grid.

In recent years, the State Grid Corporation has persisted in vigorously promoting independent innovation, systematically carrying out scientific and technological research, actively building a world-class energy Internet enterprise of "three types and two networks", mastering core technologies in UHV AC and DC, flexible AC and DC, and comprehensively realizing international leadership, promoting the realization of China's power grid from traditional grid to safe, efficient, economic, clean and interactive. The upgrading and leapfrogging of generation grid.

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